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My mother was in the same boat. Our home was the next thing to a shack hut it never, occurred to me to he ashamed of it Mom kept p spotless and made it as attractive as she ( mid But must of a I! our home wa filled with love and lunch ter and Mom taught me to make everyone feel welcome.sow I ani maned to a firm’ man and we have a lovely place.Mom is a semi invalid and we made an apartment for her on the second floor. 19 year old Lucky gored intoDear I.(icky: You are more ‘angemcnithan lucky.

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We frankly don care one bit if UNR is a Tier One university. We wish it were not, because the chase after prestige has become a drag on higher education in Nevada. We want a state university, with all that has traditionally meant, including giving talented but low income students a leg up in life.

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