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Rodarte Holiday Gift Guide – Best Holiday Gifts 2012

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Similarly to how they conceptualize their collections, Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy approach holiday gifting with great thought and care. “When deciding what to gift our loved ones, we always give presents that are personal and special to us,” they told “Many of the items on this list come from artists and friends that we have collaborated with in the past, such as David Armstrong, Catherine Opie canada goose outlet online , and No Age. We’re excited to wrap these presents in white tissue paper covered in fun stickers and tied grosgrain ribbons!”Click through to see what they’ll be shopping for this season.

“We love Jennifer Meyer’s wishbone bracelets. They are delicate and perfect to wear with anything.”Jennifer Meyer Gold Wishbone Bracelet, $250;

“This is one of our favorite products from Nars. We always use it, and even placed it in the corners of the models’ eyes for our Fall 2012 show.”Nars Gaiety Blush, $28;

“We love this single by No Age. All of their albums are epic!”No Age “Eraser” 7″, $4.50;

“David Armstrong’s photographs are truly spellbinding.”

David Armstrong: 615 Jefferson Avenue, $31;

“This lithograph, (From) a Story Now Lost and Never Published (Till Now), was specially made for Wendy Yao’s store Ooga Booga.”Raymond Pettibon 2-Color Lithograph, $1,500; Ooga Booga, 213-617-1105

“We made special-edition silver star hair pins for our Fall 2012 show, sold exclusively at”

Rodarte Rhodium Plated Star Hair Pins, $640;

“Altamont teamed up with Mike Watt to recreate his famous flannel shirt. We’re huge fans of both!”

Mike Watt Flannel by Altamont, $57.99;

“Cathy is an seminal photographer. We were lucky enough to work with her on our first book, Rodarte, Catherine Opie, Alec Soth. This is an amazing print; we love how the ocean blends into the sky.”Catherine Opie, Untitled #4 (Surfers), $45;

“The Beverly Hills Hotel is famous for their wallpaper, the Polo Lounge, and Marilyn Monroe. We love these pink and white striped pajamas.”Beverly Hills Custom Pajamas in Pink, $179;

“We did a series of shirts based on the idea of a heart; this one makes a verbal play on our name.”Rohearte T-Shirt, $115;

“Cat Power’s new album is soulful and poetic, and the artwork reflects this. Purchasing the LP will let you listen to it in all of its glory, while at the same time, fully experiencing its visual beauty.”

SUN by Cat Power on LP , $23;

“The coolest skateboards!”Gold Cup Black Banana Board, $84.99;

“John Baldessari is our favorite artist and we have tons of these erasers! We use them a lot when we get things wrong.”John Baldessari “Wrong” Eraser, $6.95;

“Agnès was the start of French New Wave and is a groundbreaking auteur. We’ve had the privilege of interviewing her before. This Criterion box set is extensive and treats her work as art.”4 by Agnès Varda DVD Box Set, $55.42;

“Walter de Maria’s art has had a huge impact us. This was an incredible show and if you were unable to see it, the catalogue represents it beautifully.”Walter De Maria Sculptures Catalogue, $80;

Rodarte Holiday Gift Guide – Best Holiday Gifts 2012

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