Tried to cordon it off so that she feels comfortable and so

Was pop over to this website going to reply on this post asking him how he knew the offer was those four but before I could hit submit, the comment was mysteriously deleted.Could be the truth they just friends, I really doubt it, but yeah I really don care especially I Xbox anyways lol. What Regals is doing isn even exploiting, I not mad at the edit: thanks for the post, I didn mean I don care to you, just if this guy is actually Regals lol 1 point submitted 1 day agoDeleted it because it started getting downvotes, and clearly a lot more piled on after your accusation lol. I know about the PMs and offers because maybe I ask about them when I see hate posts directed his way and the guy can defend himself? I not sure what me posting in a hutcoinssales sub has to do with anything? You Xbox, so you wouldn know that I a top 100 player on PS4 and have coin to spare.

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