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Animatronic Lion Mask With Stereo Night Vision and Amplified Hearing

moncler outlet mall the first part of this Instructable will deal with the tear down and rebuild cheap moncler jackets of the video glasses into stereo moncler sale outlet units. moncler sale online There is a huge amount of information on the whole build. If anyone has questions you can email me through my site and I will try and answer when I can. Last page of this build has videos for your enjoyment, including demo of how my jaw systems work. So sit back, cheap moncler coats mens this is moncler sale going to be a long cheap moncler jackets womens one. Units come with a driver system with an internal LI Poly battery with an average runtime uk moncler sale of 8 10 hours. these units run about 250.00 300 moncler outlet each on ebayStep 2: Continued Teardown of I theater Glasses moncler outlet mall

moncler jackets toronto Hmmm, My sense is that whoever designed these are a moncler outlet prices Star Trek fanThe basic premise here is to take 2 of these units to make one stereo vision system. Look like this is going to be a straight forward build. Each display has its own ribbon cable so turning this moncler outlet sale into a stereo vision system looks pretty straight forward. moncler jackets toronto

Discount Moncler Coats Large center connector is the input from the power supply and converter. the two smaller ones are outputs to the earphonesStep 5: Continued Teardown of I theater Glasses Discount Moncler Coats

moncler outlet online store Now to disassemble the second unit, the driver moncler outlet online board moncler uk outlet is glued into the glasses frame so it took a little work moncler outlet woodbury to remove it safely. but everything cheap moncler sale else is simple molex or clip plugs onto the driver board. the LCD’s and optics drop out easily as wellStep 6: moncler online store Continued Teardown of I theater Glasses moncler outlet online store

moncler jackets Closeup of the extracted display driver board. note however the two small connectors at the top of the board. these are connectors that moncler womens jackets drive the moncler outlet store backlighting on the displays. cheap moncler jackets mens both of these connectors must be plugged in for the backlight driver board to uk moncler outlet moncler outlet start. it has no effect on the LCD performance. so choose which one you want to use for the backlight driver boardStep 7: Continued Teardown/rebuild of I theater Glasses moncler jackets

moncler outlet kids A support added for the board on the other side and the cable is installed, a small cutout is made to the other side of the glasses frame for the new cable. It wasn’t until first power up tests that I discovered I needed to plug the backlight from best moncler jackets the right channel into the original boardStep 9: Continued Teardown/rebuild of I theater Glasses moncler outlet kids

moncler jackets mens Moving the back light connector to the primary/original discount moncler jackets display driver board solves the issue. the TFT driver section is not dependent on the moncler usa backlights to be connected. so we are good More to go. But as you can see it wont fit with the original cover anymore moncler jackets mens.

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