Regardless, I would like to encourage all of you, even if

bobbit worm hunting its meal

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canada goose outlet parka 5 points submitted 3 months agoNo it doesn I sure you can find 1 or 2 examples of instances where a playoff series happens to go the same way as the season series, but that doesn prove your point. Playoff basketball is so different than regular season basketballRun and gun doesn work as wellMore physical play (less fouls called)Changes to health/injures compared to regular seasonRepeated matchups against the same team/players changes your ability to adjust to strengths and weaknessesHeightened stakes make players play harder and gives a slight advantage to veteransRoster changes during the seasonAt the end of the day, there are wayyyy too many differences between the regular season and playoffs buy canada goose jacket cheap for the season series to matter let alone a 2 1 season series with no clear winner. Maybe if the Rockets won 3 0 I would be interested, but otherwise, I canada goose store really could not care less that one team got an extra regular season win over the other canada goose outlet parka.

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